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In the summer of 2017 Newark Mind was successful in obtaining funding through The Lottery to partner with SCNmedia Nottinghamshire. Together they developed a flexible creative working model of recovery from mental health issues by working closely with professional musicians and industry standard equipment to produce an album of original lyrics and music.


The project involved creative song writing sessions reflecting on experiences of mental health using music to tell a story.


The result is 'Let Summer Come', a unique collection of twelve original and engaging tracks inspired by the experiences of those who know what it's like living day to day with a mental health difficulty.


The album was a huge success, and attracted a lot of attention from the media at that time. Two of the tracks were regularly played on Chill Radio.


The project achieved what it set out to do and that was to tell the world what it was like to live struggling with mental health difficulties through music and narration, written by those who know because it's their reality.

Sadly Newark MIND is no more, but the project lives on and we want to expand on the music, making this website a resource for anyone who may need some time to just listen, take deep breaths and be reminded they are not alone. 

If you make music, write or have something you would like to share via this website that you feel may help someone, then please contact us and we will support you to get your contribution to those who would benefit via the Let Summer Come website

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