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As the last leaves of autumn fall, the onset of winter, my descent into cold seclusion nears.

The frozen water of the lake is as the walls that enclose me.

I peer out through the frozen ice as if through a fractured mirror entering the darkness of my inner being another period of disassociation and lack of emotion. The darkness intensifies and there’s no lumination. The ramblings of a madman.


Freezing. Hibernate. Illuminated darkness.

I like the winter.

Wet reflections of pavements.


Warm and cosy.

Ice. Here we go again.

Emptiness. Solitary. Condensation.

Grasping for the sun.

Hats. Boots. Scarves.


Sliding. Slipping. Falling.

Desolate. Desperate.

It won’t always be like this.

A changing world.

Tiring. Exhausting. One foot after another.

Black envelopes me.

Talking. Crying. Screaming.

The ramblings of a madman.


Words: Newark Mind, Music: Shirley Novak

Vocals: Newark Mind

Keyboards & programming: Shirley Novak

Hammond: Keith Banfield

Drums: Kavon Yelrihs

Bass: Andrew Banfield

Electric Guitars: Nick Fletcher

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