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Today Is A New Day


Today is a new day. Breathe, smell, view life’s treasure’s. Snowdrops peeking through;

with new growth means new life

A moment to treasure. Find strength, find support, share moments, be together.

Today is a new day.


You are the sky. A cloud may come across it

But the sky is still the sky.

You are still the sky under the cloud

Don’t give up - you’re still there.


Today is a new day.

Spring – everything to look forward to.

New life…new me…finding my way back to myself.




Words: Newark Mind, Music: Shirley Novak

Vocals: Newark Mind

Keyboards & programming: Shirley Novak

Drums: Kavon Yelrihs

Bass: Gavin Courtie

Acoustic & electric guitar: Nick Fletcher

Recorded at Superfly Studios: Andrew Banfield, & SCN Media Studios

Arranged, produced, mixed & mastered by SCN Media © 2018

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