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Everest - your beauty breaks me

Your shadow takes me

And steals the light

Everest - I hear you calling

I sense you drawing me

Towards the fight


So I stand on this mountain

And call it by name

All the fears and the failures

rejection and shame

Yes I’ll stand on this mountain

And stake my claim

Looking out to horizons

How I overcame

My Everest


Everest - your path it scares me

Your path it dares me to

Myself be true

Everest - your colours haunt me

Your darkness taunts me with

The shape of you


However hard things seem at the time, you WILL look back one day and see just what you have had to overcome in your life. We all have an Everest; different sizes, different reasons and even though we can't see it at the time, we can look back and see just how we overcame 'our Everest'

Words and music: Caroline Bonnett & Shirley Novak

(inspired by Heather Robb)

Vocals: Shirley Novak

Backing vocals: Caroline Bonnett

Piano & keyboards: Caroline Bonnett

Bass: Gavin Courtie

Drums: Kavon Yelrihs

Electric and acoustic guitars: Nick Fletcher

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