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Just Be You


When life rocks your boat - keep steady

When time passes slow - keep patient

If love bleeds you dry - stay tender

If friends can’t be found - stay open


When peace leaves your mind - keep hoping

When grief breaks your heart - keep healing 

If change leaves you scared - stay calm

If fear grips your soul - stay courageous


Just be you, just be you

That is all that you can do

Do your best

Forget the rest

Keep going


When the night draws in

And the darkness wins

Let the clouds depart

Let the daylight in

There is strength in you

There is worth in you

Only you are you

Words: Caroline Bonnett, Marie Haswell, Sue Rinaldi,

Music: Caroline Bonnett

Vocals & backing vocals: Sue Rinaldi & Aaron Sokell

Piano & Keyboards: Caroline Bonnett

Bass: Andrew Banfield

Drums: Kavon Yelrihs

Electric and acoustic guitars: Nick Fletcher

Recorded at Superfly Studios: Andrew Banfield, & SCN Media Studios

Arranged, produced, mixed & mastered by SCN Media © 2018

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