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One Way Forward


No feelings, no senses, no emotions

I might as well be dead, a hopelessness

Nothing can grow from this


Cos’ I’m drowning in a sea of medication

So deep it’s got a hold of me

I can’t breathe, feel, love

Set me free


When it’s bad, it’s a battle

But I just want some peace

Things ain’t what they used to be

Scars mean that I’ll never be the same


Things can’t get any worse,

But it’s actually reassuring

I’m about as low as I can get,

There is only one way forward

And it’s mine


Words: Newark Mind, Music: Shirley Novak

Vocals: Shirley Novak

Keyboards: Caroline Bonnett

Hammond: Keith Banfield

Bass: Andrew Banfield

Drums: Kavon Yelrihs

Electric guitars: Nick Fletcher

Recorded at Superfly Studios: Andrew Banfield, & SCN Media Studios

Arranged, produced, mixed & mastered by SCN Media © 2018

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