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Black & White


My depression feels like a dream –

The one where you need to run, but you can’t.

I know in my head what I need to do to help myself

But I can’t.

I become void of motivation

Totally paralysed by depression.

Trudging through snow. Silent.

Carefully negotiating the icy, slippery paths

So as not to slip and fall into a deep, dark hole.

Just putting one foot in front of the other

One careful step at a time.

Thoughts mirror the colours of winter –

Grey, damp and dark

Everything in black and white

Everything in black and white



Words: Newark Mind, Music: Caroline Bonnett

Vocals: Newark Mind

Keyboards & programming: Caroline Bonnett

Drums: Kavon Yelrihs

Bass: Gavin Courtie

Electric guitars: Nick Fletcher

Recorded at Superfly Studios: Andrew Banfield, & SCN Media Studios

Arranged, produced, mixed & mastered by SCN Media © 2018

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