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Let Summer Come


When there’s no light

You turn to face the night

And winter’s set to freeze you over


When there’s no fight

You can’t tell left from right

And winter’s set to take you under


Let summer come

Let summer come to you


When there’s no way

To keep the chill at bay

And stop your heart from freezing over


When there’s no day

That’s bright enough to say

That happiness is yours to ponder


And you push and you pull

And you scream and you shout

And you burn then you learn

That you hope and you doubt

So you feel and you reel

From the shake and the break no mistake

You can make it


Winters can feel endless, but we must remain open to the embrace of the warmth and comfort of a summer; eventually

Words and music: Caroline Bonnett

Vocals: Caroline Bonnett

Backing vocals: Sue Rinaldi

Piano & keyboards: Caroline Bonnett

Drums: Kavon Yelrihs

Bass: Andrew Banfield

Acoustic & electric guitars: Nick Fletcher

Recorded at Superfly Studios: Andrew Banfield, & SCN Media Studios

Arranged, produced, mixed & mastered by SCN Media © 2018


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